Let’s see local New Zealanders’ lifestyle via YouTube

Let’s see local New Zealanders’ lifestyle via YouTube

Hello, Kinkajuu here.

Today, I’d like to share a YouTube channel from New Zealand that I found recently.

I lived in New Zealand for a year and a half, and it was the first foreign country I visited. It’s a pretty cozy and beautiful country. Its cherry blossoms are pretty, its mountains give some great views, and when it’s snowing the cities are stunning. I lived Auckland, where it is very safe and the people are so kind. I even had my iPhone returned to me when I lost it in a public rest room once – a local storekeeper found it and held on to it for me.

This YouTube channel shows you how a slices of New Zealand life ranging from hiking videos, camping videos, and nature spots in the cities. And they even have a cute dog!

치치댁 Chch-life

The channel’s creator is one of my best friends in New Zealand. We met at a language school and studied hard for FCE (The Cambridge exam for the First Certificate of English). She was the leader of the class and motivated other class mates, including me, through her own hard work. She passed FCE B2 level then decided to migrate to New Zealand. (Honestly, she had planned to migrate there before the FCE class started) She finally migrated one year after the FCE class finished.

We became best friends because we studied in the same class of 12 students. However, most important point is that we lived in the same house for almost half a year. The landlord’s family was in the same house and they hosted a farewell party for me when I left.

The channel’s creator comes from Korea and speaks mostly in Korean in those videos. But there’s an English subtitle so it should still be enjoyable. Her partner is a native Kiwi (New Zealander) but his ancestors are also Korean so he speaks in Korean as well. When they shoot in the city, they speak in English.

My time in New Zealand is a nice memory for me and this YouTube channel is a great way for me to remember my treasured moments there.



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